Choosing a Confirmation Saint


During the Confirmation ceremony, the Archbishop will address each candidate by their “Saint Name”. 

  • This may be your existing baptism name if this is the name of a Saint 

  • Most candidates choose a new Confirmation name and this also must be the name of a Saint recognized by the Catholic Church. 

  • The important thing is that you get to know the Saint YOU have chosen and build a relationship of prayer and knowledge of this Saint to help and guide you. 


A name in the family 

In countries with a strong Catholic tradition, some names have become very popular and may be likewise within your family. If you want to take such a name, it is a good opportunity to find out about the saint, the traditions associated with the Saint, and why does this Saint have such importance in your family. 

Common yet important names 

If you choose a saint such as John, James, Catherine or Maria, you need to know WHICH saint you are choosing…..there are many saints by the same names. 


Starting from scratch 

A good way to start is to find a book in the library or look up Catholic Saints on the internet and begin exploring a saint whose life you find interesting and want to know more about. 

You may pick the name of a saint who represents the kind of Christian person you desire to be.

The Saints in Heaven are intercessors who pray with us and for us to God. that are companions on this journey and throughout your life. When you are in need, you may ask a friend to pray for you and help you. Just as you ask for intercessios from your friends, you can also ask for the prayers of the Saints. The Saint you choose can be praying for you as you prepare for Confirmation and through the rest of your life. Journey your life with your saint. 

Resources for Saints:                                                                                 






Writing your Confirmation Saint Reflection


Whichever Saint you decide upon, be it your given Baptismal name or the name of a favorite saint you discovered, you are asked to explore how this holy person serves as an example and witness to you as you journey more closely with Christ during this Confirmation process. 

During this first year of preparation, you are required to write a 1-page reflection on the life of your chosen saint. We ask that you pray with your chosen Saint throughout the 2 years of preparation and ask your Sponsor to pray to this Saint which you have chosen as well. 

Use the following guide as you research and write your report….. 

Note: The saint you write your report on will be the one listed as your chose Confirmation saint name. If you decide to change before the end of Year 1, you will need to write another report. 


Please include the following details:

  • Your name in the upper right-hand corner of the report

  • Typed, 1 page, doubled spaced, 12 point Arial font

  • Title with Saint’s Name

  • When he/she lived

  • Where he/she lived

  • Important facts about your saint’s life

  • Why you chose this Saint

  • What attributes/characteristics do you admire about this saint

  • How do you feel this person was Christ-like?

  • How do you hope to follow his/her holiness in your own life?

  • Please do not just copy and paste what you find in your research for your report.We want your report in your words. Enjoy writing your report, who knows, the Archbishop may even ask you about your saint when he confirms you


DUE DATE – February 21, 2020