We use Dynamic Catholic's Decision Point Confirmation program to help prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation. It is the first Confirmation program specifically developed to engage young Catholics in a meaningful conversation about the genius of Catholicism. It teaches and inspires 7th and 8th graders to respond to God's grace, and it's changing hundreds of thousands of young lives. Decision Point is one of the most used Confirmation programs in America. 


Decision Point videos are comprised of 12 segments.  Each segment has short video lessons.  Year 1 of Confirmation Prep takes us through Segments 1 - 6; and Year 2 takes us through Segments 7 - 12.


It is not what you do, it is how you do it

It is not what you say, it is how you say it

It is not what you hear, it how you interpret it

It is not what you see, it’s how you look at it

It is not what your life is, it is how you live it


To begin your year, let us take some time to look inside yourself.


Reflect upon your Spiritual Health

Simple Yes or No Reflections...

Be truthful, take time; this reflection is between YOU and GOD.

  • I take time each day for personal prayers

  • I participate in Sunday Mass

  • I receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation

  • I nurture a spirit of gratitude of generosity in helping and giving to others

  • I admit to my faults and wrong doings

  • I accept forgiveness and forgive others

  • I respect the sanctity of all life and creation

  • I respect the rights of others

  • I study and prepare as a responsible student

  • I foster an awareness of God’s presence in all I do

  • I act on moral values

  • I help to serve others willingly

  • I am a participating member in my family and respect everyone’s differences


Now, go back over them and reflect upon whether you see each one as one of the following and tell yourself why?   Do not come up with excuses, just be truthful.


Doing Fine….

Needs Work….

A Weakness....

Remember: this reflection is between YOU and GOD.  What needs to be done, worked on, and to be strengthened is work for you and the Holy Spirit to take on.


Each of the components for each session are short videos.  I would suggest that after watching the session you answer your questions while your thoughts are still fresh in your mind.

Session 4

4.0 - Silence

4.1 - Why Pray?

4.2 - The Big Question

4.3 - The Prayer Process

4.4 - The Best Way to Learn

4.5 - Decision Point


Session 5

5.0 - Unexpected Gifts

5.1 - Map for the Journey

5.2 - Introduction to the Bible

5.3 - How Should I Use the Bible

5.4 - The Power of Habit

5.5 - Decision Point


Session 6

6.0 - BearBait                                    

6.1 - What is the Purpose                    

6.2 - Choose Your Friends Wisely 

6.3 - What is Love?

6.4 - Your Quest for Love

6.5 - Decision Point

Session 1

1.0 - Navigation

1.1 - Your Choices Matter

1.2 - The Best Way to Live

1.3 - God’s Dream for You

1.4 - Be a Rebel

1.5 - Decision Point


Session 2

2.0 - What Are You Doing

2.1 - The Quest for Happiness

2.2 - Stinking Thinking

2.3 - Hungry for the Truth

2.4 - This is Personal

2.5 - Decision Point


Session 3

3.0 - Looking for Judas

3.1 - Who is Jesus

3.2 - The Problem and the Solution

3.3 - Jesus Was a Radical

3.4 - Second Chances

3.5 - Decision Point